How sweet of Andy Lau to personally bake a cake for his daughter's birthday

12 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Andy Lau certainly deserves father-of-the-year award. He not only flew back from Chongqing to celebrate his daughter's birthday, he also baked her cake personally.

Lau had rushed back from Mainland China amidst working on a film three days ago just to spend his two-year-old daughter Hanna Lau Heung Wai's special day with her.

In a new report by hktopten, he also baked a cake personally for Hanna.

Lau posted the photos online, where he personally applied cream on the sponge cake, sprinkled on chocolate sprinkles and puts on a Happy Birthday and a "2" candle.

He shared that he suddenly had this wonderful decision making a cake as he wanted to put the fans' well wishes into the cake, by making it single handedly.

As a father of two years, he felt that the years went by too quickly.

He wrote, "Although these two years were too fast, they were too perfect. Happy Birthday! My daughter really likes the cake of love that I prepared on your behalf, she says thank you all......"

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