This is how Susan Boyle does the Ice Bucket Challenge -- in floral swimsuit and 'turban'

4 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Susan Boyle has joined a line of celebrities in performing the Ice Bucket Challange, while singing the song that made her famous no less.

In a recent video posted on Youtube, the 53-year-old singer took on three buckets of ice cold water for MacMillan Cancer Centre while singing "I Dreamed a Dream".

The sporting singer wore a floral swimsuit, a scarf wrapped around her head, and held an American flag in her hand.

Surrounded by kids and crew, the Britain's Got Talent star nominated Piers Morgan, Cindy Boyle and Benny Mulhern.

She nearly suffered a wardrobe malfunction when her suitsuit almost came undone when the bucket of water rained down on her, but luckily, everything remained intact.

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