How Ronald Cheng reacted after kissing hot babe -- who's actually a guy

5 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Recently, a ceremony was held at Central to mark the start of production for Wong Jing's new film 'Vampire TV'.

Ronald Cheng, Kelvin Kwan, Philip Ng Won, Tin Kai Man and Bella Lo cut the roast pig and the atmosphere was cheerful, reports TVB Newsworld.

Later that night, Ronald Cheng worked together with a hot blonde. For their first scene they had to make out and sat in a corner of a park.

Ronald extended his arms to grab her shoulder and pretended to kiss her.

In the heat of the moment, Ronald suddenly pulled out a nude bra and screamed "Guy!" after realizing that he had mistakenly kissed a transgender.

The transgender then stabbed Ronald in the lower body and he gave a painful shriek before slowly collapsing to the ground.

Ronald Cheng was full of drama while co-star Phillip Ng Won Lung sat to the side before his scene.

View more photos of the funny scene, Ronald Cheng, and his former wife Charlene Choi in the gallery below.

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