How Ron Ng won this bombshell for a girlfriend

24 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Ron Ng used his most potent weapon to score model Kelly Fu for a girlfriend -- his sense of humour.According to a report on HK Headline, model Kelly Fu was rumoured to be dating Ron Ng after collaborating with him in TVB series Triumph in the Skies II. It turns out the rumours are true. Regarding to her criteria in a boyfriend, the 28 year old mixed blood Kelly expressed she loves humorous guys. What about Mr. Ng? She smiled sweetly: "Actually Ron is quite humorous. I'm personally very serious and anxious, if I had someone like him, then I'll be very happy."Asked whether she'll feel awkward seeing rumored boyfriend Ron Ng at events? Kelly said: "Nope. Actually he's very playful!"Kelly frankly expressed she really likes Ron Ng's type. She expressed her partner should be filial, love her, attentive, responsible and humorous. When she mentioned humorous, she suddenly smiled sweetly: "Actually Ron is quite humorous. He tells me a lot of jokes. The most memorable one was when we were filming in Sanya, we were all so hot and had a hard time dealing with the heat, but he suddenly started singing foolish songs and kept trying to rap. When the director called action, I was still laughing." Kelly expressed she is a serious and anxious person, if she has a humorous boyfriend, then that, would be the best. She also expressed with an admiring look: "He already worked so hard and feels tired, but still thought of ways to cheer us up. That isn't easy to do!"When mentioning Ron is busy filming in Mainland, she felt his exhaustion: "He's really busy, don't add more pressure on us." Then she suddenly blurted out: "We just started. He's really concentrated on filming and I don't want certain things to disturb our careers. That is not worth it." No wonder whenever reporters asked if they had a chance to develop further, Kelly couldn't give a definite answer, she said: "I really don't know what will happen in the future. Today I can say no, but one day when we are actually together, then I'm slapping myself."

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