How Quan Yi Feng's teenage daughter became new kid on the modelling block

25 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Renowned local hairstylist Addy Lee has revealed how Quan Yi Feng's teenage daughter, Eleanor Yu Kaixin, became the new kid on the modelling block.

Eleanor has ignited something of a media frenzy after a picture of her from a photoshoot was released, with many eager to find out more about the pretty teenager whose look has been compared to that of Angelababy and Fan Bingbing among others.

In an interview with My Paper, Addy recounted how he was looking for a female model to helm the photoshoot for a new hair product he was releasing, when Eleanor came into his thoughts.

He decided to give Kaixin a shot, with the blessing of her mother who's known to be fiercely protective of her, but only if she agreed to two conditions.

The first one, Addy said, was that she had to use the products on her hair for a year without fail, and the second was that she would not get paid for this assignment.

According to Yi Feng, Eleanor was actually prepared to not accept anything for the assignment as she wanted to show her gratitude towards Lee, who has been like a father figure to her from young.

While she may be new to posing in front of the camera, Addy was actually surprised by the outcome of the photoshoot.

He said: "She has quite a bit of star quality about her. We didn't have to teach her how to pose, and she was a natural in front of the camera."

In fact, several talent agents from China praised Kaixin's look and enquired about her after Addy uploaded one of her pictures from the photoshoot online, which got Yi Feng and him beaming with pride.

When asked if he should set up a talent management agency and take Kaixin under hi wing, he firmly rejected that idea, saying she has to finish her education first to aid any potential career she may have in showbiz.

"If she has a beautiful exterior but nothing on the inside, she may very easily get lost in the world of showbiz.

"She must finish her education, and learn more about things around her and how to protect herself first. When she's more mature,  then she can decide on the road she wants to go on," he said.

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