This is how popular Anime idol would look like in real life

12 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Hatsune Miku is certainly one of the most popular idols in Japan. Her appeal is partly based on her digital singing voice, but she’s also got the cutes to capture fans’ hearts.

According to RocketNews24, Japanese vlogger Asahi Sasaki made a makeup-based cosplay that may be just a little bit too...real.

Sasaki’s makeup wizardy impressively brings the 3-D character Hatsune Miku to life.

Sasaki, a popular YouTuber with over 180,000 subscribers, produces fashion and how-to makeup videos—and this week, she decided to show us how to do ourselves up like Hatsune Miku.

However, the makeup artist was not satisfied with regular-sized human eyes and decided that she needed to replicate Miku’s face-dominating peepers.

The sped-up video shows all the steps from the initial outlines of the eyes to the careful blending of eyeshadow to create “irises” matching Miku’s.

Unfortunately, it seems that a few people have taken issue with Sasaki’s art, complaining that she hasn’t accurately reproduced Miku’s eyes.

You’ll notice that, though gigantic and creepy, her eyes still have a relatively normal shape to them with pointed corners next to her nose.

The complaint is that Hatsune Miku doesn’t really have corners in her eyes, but this ignores the fact that real people’s faces aren’t suited for anime eyes.

While it’s certainly true that her makeup isn’t exactly faithful to the original, we don’t see how anyone could complain.

Still, there is one more problem with this clever makeup art. Sasaki has to keep her eyes closed.

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