How Hyun Bin was like during military service

10 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Ever wondered what Hyun Bin was like during his days in the army? Actor Oh Jong Hyuk revealed that Hyun Bin was just as charismatic as he is onscreen during their time in the marine corps.According to an article in Allkpop, on the May 9 broadcast of SBS Power FM‘˜s ‘˜Gong Hyun Jin’s Cinetown‘˜, actors Oh Jong Hyuk and Oh Man Suk from the musical ‘˜The Days‘˜ came on the show together as guests.Oh Jong Hyuk, who enlisted into the marine corps around the same time as Hyun Bin, shared, “I was there temporarily and went on to the 1st division in Pohang. [Hyun Bin] is my senior by three levels.‘ Gong Hyun Jin also revealed Hyun Bin’s thoughts on Oh Jong Hyuk sharing, “I heard a lot of things about Oh Jong Hyuk from Hyun Bin. He complimented you.‘Oh Jong Hyuk continued, “I remember him as being very strict. Rather him forcing himself as a soldier of higher rank, he was calm but put his foot down firmly on issues he considered was wrong‘, testifying to Hyun Bin’s dignity.Photos in the gallery show snapshots of Hyun Bin during a fan meet at Singapore Expo.

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