How the homes of your favourite TV characters look like

6 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

We cry with them, we laugh with them, we hate them and love them all the same, and as we watch these TV series almost daily or weekly, it sometimes feels like living with these characters.Imagine it was possible to step into the home of the Simpsons, where would you find the kitchen or bathroom? Spanish based interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde is now making a name for himself by drawing out detailed floor plans of famous TV shows.The artist had hand drawn the home plans of the notorious Simpsons family, Carrie Bradshaw, the family of Friends, the clique from How I Met Your Mother and many others. He was so meticulous that he even noticed that the old man’s house in the Up movie is bigger inside than from the outside.The highly detailed floor plans include both architectural design and interior furnishings. They are so precise that you could probably give any of them to your interior designer and create a real-world replica of your favourite pop culture apartment.View the gallery for the detailed floor plans of the homes featured in your favourite TV shows.

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