This is how far Nick Cheung is willing to go to win an award

11 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Nick Cheung Ka Fai and  Zhang Ziyi attended the Film Critic Society Awards yesterday.

Winning two Best Actor awards with UNBEATABLE, Nick Cheung was excited. As for breaking even with THE GRANDMASTER's Leung Chiu Wai, who won the Director's Guild Best Actor, Nick Cheung said, "You can't count like this!"

Speaking of their Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor Award battle, he said, "Earlier reports mentioned my thoughts on how campaigning for votes to win an award isn't something to be proud of. However, if there is a way to campaign for votes and win an award, I would swallow swords and strip!

"Actually many factors can affect the award. I wouldn't put too much importance on it. In the future, I would continue to face it with ease."

Nick Cheung mentioned again that he had to train for the film and broke his finger while taking care of a lot of business. He often went nuts and his assistants became his victims. He wanted to take the chance to apologize.

Has his wife Esther Kwan Wing Ho been his victim then? He said, "She's the old lady, how would I dare! She has been very supportive of me. She knew that I had to get in shape and needed beef to replenish protein, so she bought the best beef. When she cooked meat she also secretly added flavor so it was easy for me to eat." 

Zhang Ziyi looked back at ten years ago when she won the Hong Kong Film Critic Society Best Actress with Wong Kar Wai's 2046, and how it was like yesterday.

When she accepted the award, she excitedly said, "Ten years ago I ran into you (the award) and thought I still had time; 10 years later I run into you again, I am still waiting for you. I still have time."

She said that as an actress, it was very hard to run into a classic character and receive the recognition from different levels. According to Hktopten, she hoped to challenge even more different characters in the future. 

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