How Eliza Sam earned slaps on the hand from Carman Lee

19 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Eliza Sam recently shared about why Carman Lee took to giving her sharp slaps on the hand -- for her own good of course.
For her role in Never Dance Alone, Eliza trained long hours, tried to keep fit, and attempted to control her diet. 

During filming breaks, the studios would supply junk food for the cast and crew, but Carman, understanding her situation, would watch over Eliza and warn her to not give in the temptation for food.

Eliza said, “I love eating. [Carman] would always try to lure me to eat food. She was testing me, hoping that I would stay determined. When I do try to eat, she would actually hit my hand and would tell me to hang on.”

Eliza also described Carman to be extremely attentive. “She knew that I had edema. She read a section in the newspaper about how to treat it; she cut off that section of the newspaper and gave it to me. She took care of me a lot.”

The 29-year-old actress also said she really admired Rachel Lee’s versatile acting. “Rachel plays a very greedy and selfish person in the drama. She is bad, but also very cute. I also want to try out these types of roles. It’s a good opportunity for more development.”

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