How cyber bullying drove these South Korean stars to suicide

25 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Former Australia's Next Top Model judge Charlotte Dawson, 47, was found dead at her Woolloomooloo home, in Sydney on Saturday morning.

In 2012, she was hospitalised, reportedly for attempting to take her own life after Internet trolls sent bullying messages to her when she took part in an anti-bullying programme.

But the online abuse continued when she appeared on TV after her hospital stay, to talk about bullying via the Twitter platform.

Other well-known faces, particularly from South Korea, have also taken their lives or attempted suicide after vicious online comments contributed to difficulties they were going through in life. Here are a few of these victims of cyber attacks.

1) U;Nee (1981-2007)

Born Lee Hye Ryeon, the South Korean singer was known initially for her fast, upbeat pop songs. Her record label later tried to modify her image to a sexy one, and she underwent plastic surgery to change her appearance. But this also caused her to be disparaged online for the surgical procedures she underwent. She hanged herself in her home.

2) Jeong Da Bin (1980-2007)

This South Korean actress shot to fame thanks to her hit TV show Rooftop Room Cat. She was known for her cheerful image, so her death was all the more shocking when she hung herself in her boyfriend's home. She was reportedly traumatised by harsh criticism on the Internet of her physical appearance.

3) Choi Jin Sil (1968-2008)

Described by Time Magazine as more than South Korea's Julia Roberts or Angelina Jolie, Choi Jin Sil was even nicknamed "the nation's actress" by an adoring South Korean public.

But her life unravelled after a tumultous marriage which ended in 2004 after Choi accused her husband of physically abusing her. Her career took a big hit due to the saga.

The actress was dealt another blow after the 2008 suicide of actor Ahn Jae Hwan. Malicious rumours circulated online that she was a loanshark who drove Ahn to kill himself. A month later, she hanged herself. 

Photos 1 to 10 show pictures of the Korean actress, while the rest of the gallery shows pictures of Charlotte Dawson.

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