This is how Britney Spears looks when out shopping

18 October 2013 / 3 years 1 week ago

Britney Spears shopped in budget store Poundland while in London this week.

The millionaire pop star - whose father Jamie was granted a conservatorship order in 2008, which gave him control of his daughter's finances - took a trip to the shop, where everything costs just £1, to specifically to buy some mini matches.

She said: "I actually went and got these matches that are this little [puts thumb and forefinger pinched together]. They're, like, the tiniest matches you've ever seen.

"And when you use them you burn your finger...

"They're so cute because they're so tiny. They're really cool."

The 'Work Bitch' hitmaker - who earned more than $10 million last year - admits she is a big fan of discount stores and usually dons a disguise to ensure nobody can recognise her when she visits them.

Speaking on the chat show, 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man', she explains: "Usually I have glasses on and no one recognises me. I just go in and I'm really into what I'm doing and it's really fun."

In August, it emerged the 31-year-old beauty splashed out $64.74 of her $14 million allowance for 2012 at a 99 Cents Plus store, while she also spent $11.92 at a Pay 99 Cents Or Less shop.

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