How Anjaylia Chan broke her mum's precious vase -- and bluffed her way out of it

9 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Young female artiste Anjaylia Chan showed off her mischievous side recently.

Asked about how she got into acting during an interview, she smiled and said that she loved watching series when she was small and will act as the main leads in the series.

Once, Anjaylia re-enacted a scene of the person who was poisoned and accidentally broke her mother's antique vase.

Anjaylia laughed when she recalled the past memories and said

"Nobody plays with me when I am a kid so I will act many roles in my house.

"During a period, I keep watching the ancient series, Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain (雪山飛狐) and am attracted by the scene of being poisoned and finding the remedy.

"There is once when my mother goes out to buy something, I take the antique vase and place the chocolate (the remedy) inside.

"I act as the male lead who is trying to find the remedy for the female lead and of course, I act for both roles.

"Then, the tragedy starts to happen. I accidentally broke the vase but immediately disguise it as an accident.

"Eventually, my mum does not discover I am the culprit and assume that someone may have use too much strength to open the door and cause the vase to break. Wow! It is not related to me!"

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