Housewives pull hair and strangle each other over Raymond Lam

19 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago
With fans ranging from young children to older housewives, the popularity of Raymond Lam knows no bounds.

During a promotional event for a watch brand in Chongqing, China, Raymond was nearly attacked by a group of mainland Chinese housewives, who were fighting for their chance to get a closer view of the star.

According to Hong Kong media outlets, more than 10,000 fans from Chongqing and neighboring cities attended the hot afternoon event.

Four middle-aged female fans tried to squish their way to the front of the audience, right below the stage where Raymond was standing, reports

A brawl broke out when the housewife with the favored spot refused to yield.
The four fans were seen tugging at each other’s hair, strangling each other by the neck, and one fan even proceeded to beat another with a plastic stool.

The violent fight did not stop when the police arrived at the scene minutes later.

View more photos of Raymond Lam and his girlfriend Karena Ng in the gallery below.
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