The hottest daughters of celebrities

4 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: Complex.comThough International Children’s Day may seem like a superfluous occasion, famous parents should most definitely acknowledge its meaning. Growing up with a paparazzi-magnet of a mother or father can’t be easy, especially if the kids are the types to shun cameras and try to remain as anonymous as humanly possible (good luck with that).We feel their pain, but, truthfully, we’re more partial to celebs’ seeds who welcome the glitz and glamour‘”when they’re of the female persuasion and undeniably sexy, of course. In honour of International Children’s Day, we’re here to compliment some beautiful young’ns who’ve followed in their notable parents’ footsteps. Get ready to thank some actors, singers, and other fame-holders for giving us the hottest celebrity daughters.Click on the thumbnails below to find out who the hottest celebrity daughters are.

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