Hot or not: Tavia Yeung and Kevin Cheng's new look?

9 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

TVB Queen, Tavia Yeung is trying a new role image for the new series, Heaven's Sight and disclosed that she will be torn between Kevin Cheng and Ruco Chan.

ON.CC reports that when it was mentioned that Ruco expressed that he needed to seek Kenneth Ma for permission to film kissing scenes with her, Tavia said "Why should we ask him?"

When mentioned about Him Law will be giving present to her mother on Mother's Day, Tavia replied that she will bring her for Yum Cha and give flowers as well.

Asked about her gift to Him Law's mother, Tavia said "I will message her out of courtesy and have dinner together when I am free.

(Two families are eating together) We are not very familiar with each other and will not bring our mummy along even when meeting up with friends."

As for Kevin Cheng who was also trying the role image for the same series, he expressed that he had kissing scene with Tavia and it will keep repeating despite only kissed once.

The reporters then asked if he will obtain permission from Tavia's good partner, Kenneth Ma for kissing scene, Kevin laughed and said "Why should I ask him? Shouldn't I ask Him Law? But for both, I will ......"

When asked about turning away immediately upon bumping into his teacher Dai Si Cong's wife, Kevin said "It is very unfortunate that the driver shows me a new report and I can only reply that it is a regret and can we not use that photo? It is a puzzle!

(Bump into your teacher's wife?) I have already respond many years ago."

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