Hot FM91.3 DJ Boy Thunder: 'Don't hate us for taking over The Married Men'

26 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Hot FM91.3's new morning drive time show, dubbed the Hot Breakfast with BT, Adam & Josh, went on air for the first time on Monday, Jan 21, 2013.The team took over the morning slot (6am till 10am) from The Married Men, who had their services terminated due to a pre-recorded telephone prank aired last Thursday during the Morning Drive Time show.DJ Boy Thunder (BT), one third of the Hot Breakfast crew, speaks to ST Communities about the new show:How has it been like hosting the Hot Breakfast show?The Hot Breakfast show has been very refreshing for the three of us. We made it clear that we wanted to inject contents that are different from the other morning radio shows in Singapore. Before we started on Monday, we were very much excited to serve what was on our plate and hopefully our listeners can tune in to a show with a different dynamic. Since it was made clear to us from our boss that we could no longer do prank calls, we decided to work around the problem and brought our portable voice recorders outside and did the pranks outdoors instead. With more outdoor street interaction, it's been a lot of fun and I guess it's quite refreshing for our listeners too.What do you like the most about hosting the Hot Breakfast show?The fact that I wasn't put together to do a show with people I don't know, is pretty much what I appreciate when it comes to doing radio. I have been co-hosts with Adam for over 3 years now and though I tease him a lot on air, we are very good friends off air. We hang out very often out of the studio and on weekends too- even together with our girlfriends! I guess this is one very important factor when it comes to having chemistry in any show. It is a dream job and I'm really blessed with the people I've met with so far.We noticed that there were quite a number of negative comments on Hot FM 91.3's Facebook page. Any thoughts on this?Every show on radio which has been on for awhile would naturally have its Legion of fans. And I respect that because I have always been a huge fan of Rod Monteiro and his ways of changing how radio is supposed to sound. I took over the morning time belt with a heavy heart because Rod has always been someone whom I look up to and has been a really good mentor to adam and me as well. I hope that people who are angry about The Married Men's departure can understand that my team and I agreed to do the show because we were put on the pedestal and not because we want to take over them. I accepted the position with passion.Twitter followers on your Twitter page seem to have much more positive comments about the show. Why do you think this is so?Hot FM 91.3 has a huge following of listeners 30 years and below. The Hot 30 countdown, the show I was previously from held on to a steady increase in ratings over the years. 90% of my 23k plus followers are listeners and have become my friends on twitter. To me they have been known as friends and never just listeners or followers. These friends were very excited as they can now tune in to us on the way to school or work be it on their phones or in their parents' cars. The Hot Breakfast show has also imported fun segments and elements from the Hot30 which our friends are familiar with. Nothing much has changed really!Have you personally met up with The Married Men after their show got axed?I haven't met up with The Married Men after the incident because I was doing the night show and it was due to the time difference. I only arrive in the later part of the afternoon. However I did sms Rod (Monteiro), Andre (Hoeden) and Jill (Lim) and wished them well when I got a little emotional over the weekend.Did they give you any advice? Have they helped you before on tips of being a radio presenter?Rod has always been there when I needed help with an idea or to listen out for ways to improve my night show.What do you think is the biggest difference between The Hot Breakfast Show and The Married Men?Both shows can never be compared. Each show has got its different strengths. Helming Singapore's youngest morning show is exciting and we're the only show in town that takes radio out on the streets every morning, giving away money, prizes or simply playing pranks that can never be done just behind the 4 walls of the radio studio. I am 28, Adam and Josh are 22.

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