Hot bod no more: Look what 1 week of hawker food did to blogger's figure

7 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

A Singapore food and lifestyle blogger shocked many when she revealed what a week's worth of hawker food did to her waistline.

Grace, who blogs at, wrote that recently she had no choice but to eat out regularly as her house was undergoing extensive renovations and she had no kitchen to cook in.

At first, she was pleased at the prospect of eating out and saving time and effort on washing up after herself. However, her glee soon turned to horror when just a week's worth of hawker food made her formerly slim and toned tummy bloated and unsightly.

"It started innocently enough.. I think for my first meal I had kaya toast and milo (standard kopitiam breakfast food, aye?), lunch.. yong tau foo and dinner perhaps a soup or caifan. And so it went on the next day, and the next and the next for a week," she wrote.

At the end of the week, the 25-year-old was surprised to find that she was feeling poorly - constantly feeling thirsty and lethargic, reports an article on AsiaOne.

"My skin was dry and unsupple and the usual glow and redness (my boyfriend likes to call me the hale and hearty farmer's wife) I had in my cheeks had faded. My stomach felt funny and I was constantly craving for something sweet or salty or stronger tasting food.

"By the end of the week, the yong tau foo no longer satisfied me and I had turned to choosing dishes that were heavily seasoned or fried to satisfy my tastebuds," she lamented.

But what really shocked Grace at the end of the week was how her stomach looked and felt. She revealed before and after pictures of her tummy - the former flat and svelte, and the latter bloated with excess flesh being squeezed out of her bottoms, creating an unsightly muffin top.

"I never imagined that just one week on such food would have such damaging effects both psychologically and physiologically. A large expanding waistline indicates a higher propensity for heart disease and other preventable illnesses and I certainly had a rapidly expanding waistline after just one week of hawker centre food," she said.

She went on to express her concern about the many Singaporeans who make it a regular habit to eat all three meals outside the house.

She stressed her message that there is nothing healthy to eat at a Singapore hawker centre, and that it is "virtually impossible to eat clean [at hawker centres]".

"Everything is super high in salt and/or oil and seriously, other than the yong tau foo stall and the caifan stall, where are the vegetables (that are not dripping in oil?)?

"I guess it's okay if you eat at the hawker centre once a day but if you are eating almost all your meals out, I really implore you to start modifying your hawker food choices or bringing your own lunch to work," she said.

Photos 1 to 8 show Grace's waist and her diet, Photos 9 to 13 show nutritional facts of hawker food, while the rest of the gallery show other celebs' weight loss transformations.

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