Honorary Busan citizen Tom Cruise promotes movie in Korea

11 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: The Korea Herald / ANNHollywood actor Tom Cruise made his sixth visit to Korea on Wednesday, this time to promote his upcoming thriller “Jack Reacher‘ and receive honorary citizenship from Busan.An adaptation of English author Lee Child’s 2005 novel “One Shot,‘ the film features Cruise as the eponymous ex-military man with no fixed address. Throughout the film, he steps into crime scenes out of nowhere and discovers new leads.“Jack Reacher is not an executor -- he is more of a character who gets into the story and drawn into the world,‘ Cruise told reporters during a press conference in Seoul, Thursday. “He is someone with a skill-set. He used to be a military police, and he is able to see things that others can’t.‘Cruise is widely nicknamed “Mr. Nice Tom‘ by the local media for the friendly manner he has shown during his previous visits to Korea. His first trip took place in 1994, during his world promotion tour of “Interview with Vampire.‘ His last visit to Seoul took place in 2011, when he was on his world promotional tour of the fourth installment of “Mission Impossible.‘ During the press interview, he was asked by a press member whether he’d go “Gangnam style‘ and attempt Psy’s “horseback‘ dance on the spot. “Psy does it better,‘ he said, laughing. “I enjoy what he has done and I am very happy for his success, and everyone has been enjoying (his performance). It’s been wonderful to see that.‘Also on Thursday, Cruise became an honorary citizen of Busan, after the film was premiered at Busan Cinema Center. The city, which is home to Asia’s biggest film festival, announced that they bestowed the honor upon Cruise in appreciation of his first visit to Busan. Cruise is the first Hollywood actor to have received the honor. “I am very excited to go to Busan,‘ said Cruise in Seoul on Thursday morning, before leaving for Busan. “And to become an honorary citizen. I feel very honored and excited about it. I wish you all a happy New Year.‘

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