Hong Kong show that marries dead celebs slammed

4 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Source: The Star/Asia News Network via AsiaOneThe Unbelievable, a popular paranormal programme produced by Hong Kong Cable TV, has been slammed for using departed celebrities to boost ratings.Major Chinese dailies reported that the show's host Spencer Leung revealed that they planned to arrange a "ghost marriage" for late actress Barbara Yung Mei-ling or deceased actor-cum-DJ Paul Chung."We initially planned for me to marry Yung or another host, Shum Po Yee, to wed Chung."Then Shum was picked in a draw," Leung said, adding that the wedding was expected to be held by the end of the month and the event broadcast in August.He also disclosed that they initially targeted late superstars Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung but withdrew the idea after considering the huge fan base they have.Kent Tong Chun-yip, Yung's former boyfriend, was furious when he found out about the plan and criticised it as a disgrace to the entertainment industry.He added that the TV station had no respect for the dead and their families.The programme's producer, known only as George, said they would seek permission from Chung's family before proceeding with the wedding.Yung died of gas inhalation at the peak of her career in 1985.It was widely speculated then that the 26-year-old was troubled by her failing, relationship with Tong and took her own life.Four years later, Chung jumped to his death from his apartment.Many reports said he had accumulated huge gambling debts.

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