Hong Kong prostitution ring that served male actors busted

12 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: SinaThe Hong Kong police successfully busted a 'high-class' prostitution ring earlier last week that was believed to served the rich and the famous in the country.54 people were arrested, including the ringleader who was labelled by the media as the 'new Hong Kong Madam'.In May, the Kowloon West Regional Crime Unit received information from an informer that a prostitution syndicate was "importing" high-class prostitutes from China for various venues.According to the police, the ring was extremely well-organized and was run by a woman with the nickname Rainbow, surnamed Cheung.Many of the girls were brought in on short-term travel visas and stayed in a dormitory-like apartment in the Tsim Sha Tsui district.This case was cracked by the police in a Hong Kong movie-like fashion as they placed an undercover agent into the prostitution ring three months ago.After his infiltration, the agent managed to gain the trust of Rainbow and went on to gather valuable information on the ring.With the gathered intelligence, the police soon figured out how the organization worked and set a trap for Rainbow and her partners in crime.It was reported that 37-year-old Rainbow is married with a daughter, and has experience in prostitution as well as the necessary connections in the sex industry.Sensing that the upscale market may have their needs in this area, the former prostitute decided to become an entrepreneur.With the help of her sidekicks, assistants, and business partners, Rainbow took on the job of a recruiter.Due to the girls' short-term visas, Rainbow had to constantly update her portfolio with new recruits, and thus made sure she has at least 60 to 70 girls on hand for selection.Rainbow also realised that privacy is one of the major concerns of her high-end clients, so she also provided sex-parties-for-hire at secret locations.The cost per girl is HK$4,000 a day without tips. Once the customer had placed an 'order', the prostitutes will leave the dormitory and get picked up by the customers.Usually, half a dozen of girls will be involved at a time but there was one case when a tycoon hired over 20 girls for a sex party.Most of these parties were believed to take place on private properties such as clubhouses, yachts, and even luxury mansions.Business was also believed to be brisk for the ring due to the star-like qualities of the girls and the fact that they can remain tight-lipped with regard to their clientele.The ring also supplied girls to several night clubs as 'workers' and excess 'inventories' were loaned out to other business partners for 'one-woman brothels' type setups in the New Territories district of Yuen Long.The daily rental fee per girl ranged from HK$1,500 to HK$3,000.After deducting the overhead expense, Rainbow's business was reportedly bringing in a net revenue of around HK$7 million.With enough information in hand, over 100 officers from different branches of the Hong Kong Police busted the prostitution ring in multiple locations simultaneously and made 54 people -- 48 of them being the prostitutes.The 37 year-old madam, Rainbow, was among the arrested.The Hong Kong Police believe they have successfully eliminated one of the most active prostitution rings to-date.

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