Hong Kong horror movie icon shares spooky encounter during filming

27 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

(Long Por) Law Lan (羅蘭) has always had an affinity with spirits and is known to be fearless in filming Hong Kong ghost movies.

According to a report on Asian E-Newx Portal, she revealed that funny incidents usually happened while filming ghost movies.

Law Lan remembered one collaboration with (Ghost King) Simon Lui (雷宇揚) in Wo Hop Shek (和合石). She had been very scared and brought a cross for protection, as Wo Hop Shek was a famous cemetery.

However upon alighting from the vehicle, Law Lan was surprised to see that the surroundings were full of apartments while the street was spotless. Thus, she felt that she was being paranoid but weird things started to happen when one was less alert.

When Law Lan was having supper, she saw a figure was 'floating' in the air but told herself to look carefully first and forgot about it eventually.

She then said, "That figure appeared again and 'floated' in the air around half an hour later. He walked inside and realised it is indeed a cemetery! Until now, I have no idea if that person has any mental problems."

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