Hong Kong girl's naked bungee jump stunt in Thailand leaves local residents furious

19 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

A girl from Hong Kong who bungee jumped naked in Chiang Mai, Thailand has been fiercely criticised online after a video of the stunt was posted to a Thai social media site earlier this month.

China News reports that the 17-year-old girl behind the jump claimed she was a model in Hong Kong and that her job required her to take the video of her jump.

She was seen wearing a black bikini while preparing to make the jump and stripped off just before leaping. Friends on the ground helped to take photos and film her.

Chiang Mai is regarded in Thailand as a city with a rich cultural heritage, and authorities are unwilling to allow lewd behaviour to tarnish the region's reputation.

After garnering a large amount of attention online, local police visited the company behind the jump to conduct an investigation.

Bancha Chulakul, the employee responsible, confessed to local media that the incident took place on May 6 and has apologized for his behavior to the public.

He said that he didn't expect the video to go viral and promised not to allow a repeat of the incident, reports Shanghaiist.

The operator was initially taken in custody by police, but later released after he paid a fine of 1,000 baht (approximately $30).

The girl has reportedly already left the country, but local police intend to contact the Thai consulate in Hong Kong in order to try and prevent images from the naked jump being published.

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