Hong Kong Artistes Guild shuts door on Anthony Wong when he tries to apply to be its President

16 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Anthony Wong had intentions to run for the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild's (HKPAG) President.

He arrived at the HKPAG office in Kwoon Tong to apply for membership, but the Executive Secretary, Astrid Chan, didn't let him in and shut the door on him.

Anthony was furious and vented his anger outside the closed door. Yesterday there was new developments to the story.

Anthony and Astrid had a verbal war on the internet. Astrid stressed on Weibo she had already told Anthony and his group to apply for membership on December 20th of 2013.

She even had email and written records of it as proof, report Oriental Daily and The Sun. Ten minutes later, Astrid wrote again on Weibo:

"Anthony Wong's movies, I've always enjoyed watching. I watched the clips of when he pretended to faint and vomit outside of the HKPAG door yesterday, I thought he was just so cute! But please let me go, I'm just a little woman!

"The days without a President, I have been trying my best to endure through the difficult time. I was just expressing on behalf of the membership group, why are you trying to make it difficult on us?"

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