Hong Kong actress Ada Choi unleashes her anger on Weibo

22 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Ada Choi (蔡少芬)has expressed her anger on Weibo.

Recently. Ada flew over to Shanghai to film a programme and brought along her daughter, Zhang Chor Yee (張楚兒) as well. Initially, she was in a good mood despite being taken photographs by the reporters, reports Asian E-News Portal.

However out of a sudden, Ada expressed her anger in the Weibo (微博) and seems that something was off limits.

Ada wrote "I dislike myself being angry. It does not matter to me for others' rudeness, disrespectful and inappropriate arrangement, as the tolerance level is extremely high.

"However I will feel very mad if it happens to my loved ones and the madness has completely taken over my rationality. Please forgive me as I am forced to. I feel sad and guilty after the incident."

Ada did not explain details of incident, but it appeared that she was indeed very furious.

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