Homegrown singer Olivia Ong 'proposed' to by fan

26 October 2012 / 3 years 12 months ago

Source: The New PaperRomance is in the air for Olivia Ong. Lest you think the 27-year-old homegrown singer has a special someone right now, well, the fact is, she is still very much enjoying her single status.But of late, romance has been the buzzword in her life. The gorgeous bachelorette not only found herself playing Cupid at one of her concerts in Taiwan, she also gave away her first onscreen kiss to a hot Israeli hunk.Ong, who is based in Taipei to pursue a burgeoning Mandopop career, was home last week to attend a launch event for electronics giant Samsung.The bossa nova chanteuse, best known for crooning the theme song of Channel 8's 2008 hit drama, The Little Nyonya, took the opportunity to catch up with local reporters at The Ritz-Carlton hotel.She grinned as she recalled how a male fan proposed to his girlfriend on stage with a bouquet of roses and how the audience spontaneously chanted "Marry her, marry her" in front of them.She called it a bold move that took her by "surprise"."He was really courageous to do that," said Ong."I could tell the girl was a little uncomfortable, though, to be suddenly thrown into the public eye."Should she ever receive a marriage proposal, she would prefer it to be "a more private affair".After all, added Ong, she is "an introvert who tends to overthink".But she shed some of her inhibitions for a new short movie, Shalom, in which she plays a girl, Xiao Ai, who travels alone to Israel to nurse a broken heart.During her trip, she meets Israeli native Ariel (actor David Zamir) with whom she forges a close bond.One scene shows her planting a kiss on Zamir's cheek while admiring the beautiful scenery.In another, he is piggybacking her across the desert."I didn't have any problems with those scenes as they were actually very innocent, nothing too intimate," said Ong.The film, which is available on YouTube, was a collaboration between Taiwanese travel agency Lion Travel and Israel's Ministry of Tourism and it piqued her interest in acting.She said: "It was my acting debut and I had a lot of fun...Hopefully, there will be more good scripts that come my way."Ong counts Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Maggie Cheung and Michelle Yeoh among the veteran actors she admires.As for singers who inspire her, the late Teresa Teng is her all-time idol."There is no one like Teresa Teng," gushed Ong."I'm a very clumsy person and I couldn't imagine myself dancing during my live shows.Last month, however, Ong showed off her nifty footwork publicly for the first time, at her concert at the Taipei International Convention Center.As it turns out, she had Teng to thank."It wasn't until I saw a video clip of (Teng) dancing at one of her Hong Kong concerts that I was finally inspired...I hold her as THE standard to meet."

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