Hollywood producer: Disappearance of MH370 would make for compelling aviation thriller

1 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Source: The Star/Asia News Network

Hollywood is already looking at telling the story of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

A recent report by Hollywood Reporter quoted executive producer J.C. Spink as commenting that there could already be "50 different people working on 50 different projects that are either inspired by it or based directly on it right now".

He said that while the disappearance of MH370 was a shocking tragedy, it was intriguing and would make for a compelling aviation thriller.

"Clearly, something more happened on that flight than we will ever know. And that's a great jumping-off point," he said.

However, Malaysian filmmaker Yusry Abdul Halim said he would not want to go behind the camera on this story. "As a Malaysian, this is a highly sensitive issue. But for a Hollywood studio this is nothing to them.

"They have tackled taboo subjects in films before."

When asked if the story's copyright should be kept within this region, Yusry replied: "There is no such thing."

Director Osman Ali agreed that anyone can tell this story, but added that it had to be done right.

"I think if Hollywood is doing this film, they have to be responsible to what happened, with no negative images of the people and the countries involved.

"While they have the freedom to tell the story, they have to do proper research, be socially responsible from every aspect and not just exploit the issue."

Osman, whose most recent feature was Sejoli and who is best known for films like Bukak Api and Malaikat Di Jendela, noted that if Malaysia has the proper funding and support, local filmmakers, himself included, have the capability to make a worthy film that is sensitive to the parties involved. ​

"Although it's a difficult project, if done with the best approach, it can be a good film."

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