HKD120,000 per episode too cheap for Charmaine Sheh

28 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Charmaine Sheh has been getting offers left and right since leaving TVB in 2011, and it was recently reported that another TVB rival, pay-television station, Now TV, has offered the actress HKD120,000 (S$19,218) per episode to star in their upcoming palace drama.It will be produced by former TVB producers and married couple, Lau Ka Ho and Mui Siu Ching.According to an article in 88 News, the actress who currently earns RMB200,000 (S$40,0000) per episode is willing to take a 40 per cent pay cut to repay good friends, Lau and Mui, for their roles in Charmaine’s career success.However, at a press conference that was held on 26 March, Now TV executive Ho Lai Chuen dismissed the rumours, stating that HKD120,000 is too small an amount for a popular star such as Charmaine.When asked whether he had invited Charmaine to film for this project, Lau admitted, “I had spoken with Charmaine about it but I also discussed this opportunity with many other artistes. We are currently considering mainland actresses to lead the drama.‘Lau further stated, “Although Charmaine is unable to film for us at the moment, there remains a possibility for collaboration in the future.‘

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