HK singer shares photos of bruises allegedly caused by husband

16 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Former Hong Kong singer, Liz Kong (江希文), shared shocking photos of heavy bruises on her stomach this week.

The 43-year-old cried that her fiance, 63-year-old lawyer Wu Hon Ching (胡漢清), bruised her during a domestic dispute. Filing a police report, Liz is ready to end the relationship although the couple have a two-year-old daughter together.

Liz admitted that she felt very scared over Wu’s explosive temper. Asked if Wu had physically beaten her and left the six-inch bruises on her stomach, Liz said, “Someone pushed me against a table. I called the police several days ago.”

By revealing this incident, Liz hopes that women will protect their personal safety and not tolerate domestic violence, reports Jayne Stars.

Although the couple got engaged two years ago after Liz became pregnant with their daughter, they never registered their marriage. Liz gave birth in England, but recalled bitterly that Wu did not accompany her during labor.

Returning to Hong Kong in May 2014, Liz moved into Wu’s 4000-square-feet house. The couple’s relationship deteriorated in recent months. Liz revealed that Wu possessed a terrifying temper and cursed her.

“You have to listen to him in all matters. He is very controlling. If you have a different opinion, his temper will explode. How can this be? I’m not his employee nor slave. It’s beyond my limit. He’s very, very scary! If this continues, I’ll go crazy.”

Communications between the couple broke down and Wu has not returned home recently. Liz is not even sure if he has another woman.

Rumors spread that the couple’s relationship ended two months ago because Liz demanded that Wu provide luxurious accommodations for their daughter and herself.

Denying that she is a gold digger, Liz said that the amount of money Wu currently provides is not even enough to rent an apartment.

Left with few options in her living arrangements, Liz cannot return to her parents house as her elder sister Elvina Kong (江欣燕) moved back after her divorce.

Liz said there are no extra bedrooms left in the apartment, “I would have to sleep on the sofa; it’s not a good arrangement in the long-term.”

Liz enlisted a lawyer’s help to secure childcare support from Wu. Liz said, “I really want to leave. I hope he will quickly agree to a reasonable amount for the financial support.”

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