HK singer Janice Vidal told to lose weight -- or she can't hold concert

23 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Janice Vidal has a very good reason to get back into shape. Set to release a new album this summer with plans to hold a solo concert at the end of the year, the bubbly artist was told that the concert may not happen unless she successfully sheds her excess weight.

Janice’s weight has been a topic of discussion since early in her career. While filming a motorcycle commercial with label boss Leon Lai in 2007, the Heavenly King famously described her as “fatter than a motorcycle”.

Leon later explained that he had hoped the comment would motivate her to lose weight. “I personally would not encourage her, nor will I condemn her for her weight.

However, as a friend, I would find ways to hint at the issue.” Leon’s hints seem to have done little as Janice continues to face scrutiny for her increasing weight.

She reportedly reached a height of 140 pounds during her recent hiatus, looking drastically different from her previous svelte figure.

With her new album soon to be released and its promotion coming up, record label A Music has finally issued an ultimatum: lose 30 pounds or lose the year-end concert.

To help her achieve this ambitious goal, the company has prepared a camera crew to document her weight-loss journey.

The reality series, Janice Works Out, has recently released its first episode on Janice’s official YouTube channel.

Carrying a camera on an extender stick, Janice was seen recording her attempt to run up the stairs to her recording session on the twenty-eighth floor.

Although she had to stop to catch her breath mid-way, she successfully crossed the finish line in seven minutes and twenty three seconds. In addition to taking the stairs, Janice has hired a personal trainer at a gym and has taken up running as a part of her regular routine. She is also following a strict diet plan that prohibits sweets and carbohydrates and bans all food after 6 p.m.

A Music will continue to release new episodes on her YouTube channel so that the public can monitor her progress.

Determined to succeed, Janice is heading into the challenge with a positive attitude, earning messages of support from her fans.

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