HK actor perspired and got dizzy during intimate scenes with 3 actresses

26 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Philip Keung Ho Man got lucky in his new film S FOR SEX S FOR SECRETS, as he had passionate bed scenes with Jumbo Tsang Suk Nga, Jeana Ho Pui Yu and Jacquelin Chong Si Man. However, Philip said the scenes were all too much for him.

In the movie, Philip plays a sex-addicted celebrity. As soon as his addiction acted up, he had to take care of his needs no matter where he was.

He was lucky enough to have intimate bed scenes with three actresses, but Philip said that bed scenes were tougher than action films, reports Hktopten.

He said when he and Jeana were rocking the car in one scene, their sweat came down like rain. He and Jumbo also worked in the bathroom until he got dizzy from a lack of oxygen. 

"At that time, I heard the crew laughing outside, so bed scene productions truly aren't enjoyable. They are tougher than action films. However, the film brought out a message. If a couple cannot not get along, they need to find professional therapy and find the reason behind that to be able to resolve the problem."

Asked if he needed his wife's permission before filming the scenes, Philip said that he had told his wife about it but she did not get jealous. Instead, she thought his character was pretty interesting.

On the other hand, co-star Annie Liu said she was somewhat embarrassed when working on her numerous love scenes with Pakho Chau.

She said, "Pakho is very nice and everyone worked together very well. During the shoot, I treated Pakho like my husband, so my performance was very focused. Even with intimate scenes, everyone was professional. Often, we finished with one or two takes. However, I would feel a little embarrassed watching them now as I already left the character."

It was also reported that due to the movie's extreme subjects, Malaysia censors have removed many love scenes.

Photos 1 to 21 are from the movie, while the rest show other sizzling scenes.

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