HK actor Daniel Wu wants 'ugly' daughter

19 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: AsiaOneHONG KONG - His daughter isn't even born yet, but Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu is already worrying about fending off attention from her potential male admirers.The protective father-to-be says he would prefer to have an "ugly" daughter, so that she would not attract so many suitors, Chinese news media reported.Wu, 38, and his wife, model and TV personality Lisa S, were speaking to reporters at their first public appearance since announcing that they were expecting their first child together.Lisa, 37, currently four months pregnant, appeared alongside Wu at a boxing event in Hong Kong on Dec 13.Asked if the baby is already following in her mother's footsteps and "doing the catwalk in her womb", Wu recoiled in mock fear.Said Wu: "She can go to Harvard, but hopefully she won't be pretty enough to be a model".He later explained: "I was once a young boy too, and I know what all boys are thinking."He joked that the moment they discovered the baby was a girl, he knew it was "retribution".And the anxiety may be real. According to his wife, the stress over impending fatherhood is causing Wu to lose his hair.But the parents-to-be agree that they would stop their child from getting into showbiz like them, according to The Daily Chilli."I want her to study more and Lisa wants her to be a lawyer or a doctor," said Wu, in typical Asian fashion.Wu, who was born and raised in California, added he would also want their daughter to be educated in the US.Quizzed about the baby's name, Wu said he has left the task to his father, while the couple will wait for the baby to be born before deciding on an English name.One thing for sure though, is that the child will be born in Hong Kong, as "the medical facilities here are better than in the US", said Wu.The eager dad says he will definitely be in the delivery room to witness the baby's birth and to cut the umbillical cord.In order to spend more time with the little one, Wu added he will also be taking a break from filming until after his daughter turns one.

Daniel Wu
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