"His acting skills grew a lot": Fans react harshly to Kai Ko's tearful apology

3 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

PHOTO: China News Service

Taiwan-based Chinese actor Kai Ko, 23, apologised for taking drugs at a press conference in Beijing on Friday.

Ko was released on Friday morning after 14 days of administrative detention after he was detained for possession and use of drugs in Beijing on Aug 18. Reporters fell while fighting to take photos.

The tearful apology seemed to resonate with Ko's hardcore fans, reports ST Communities.

User Li Yaoyao_2014 wished Ko would "be true to his words and truly reflect on what he did." User Li Junxi said: "Give the young man another chance. He knows what he did was wrong."

By the end of the 10-minute press conference, 3,207 users supported Ko and hoped he would be a better person in the future, under the Sina Weibo topic "Kai Ko press conference", while 1,116 users remained neutral and said they hoped it was not just a show.

Other voices were harsher and more skeptical.

Wang Zhuo, a member of the Beijing CPPCC Standing Committee, wrote on Weibo: "It doesn't matter whether he apologises or not, because nobody cares. Showbiz and the arts industry will not use anyone who brushes shoulders with drugs from now on anyway."

User Dreamer_Huhao said: "After 14 days of detention, Ko's acting skills grew a lot!"

When asked what his plans are after his release, Ko said he will continue to cooperate with the police on further investigations after returning to Taiwan province.

Ko, along with singer and actor Jaycee Chan, son of Chinese gongfu superstar Jackie Chan, were arrested in Beijing police for using and possessing drugs on Aug 18. Jaycee Chan has not been released yet.

According to Hktopten, Ko has provided urine and hair samples to assist in investigations.

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