Here's what Linda Chung and co-star Alex Fong do to prepare for awkward intimate scenes on set

21 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

After 10 years of developing his career in film, Alex Fong has returned to TVB dramas, with a lead role in TVB drama Limelight Years alongside Liza Wang, Damian Lau and Linda Chung.

On his working relationship with Linda who plays his on-screen love interest, Alex admitted that he had learned about her aversion to filming intimate scenes and had felt slightly awkward when they had to do so.

To make the filming of such scenes proceed more smoothly, both would often drink some alcohol beforehand, reports Jayne Stars

Although their romance is very dramatic in the series, Alex felt that their intimate scenes were best left to the imagination.

Admitting that good communication is very important in maintaining a stable long-term relationship, Alex reminded himself to be mindful in his real-life romance with Stephy Tang.

He tries to be aware of his own emotional state and prevent outbursts that may hurt his girlfriend.

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