Here's what JJ Lin plans to do with man who punched him during autograph session

8 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Source: AsianPopNews

JJ Lin was attacked and punched by an underground rap singer, Chen Yanheng during an autograph session last week.

After the attack, JJ suffered from a bruise on his left ear.

JJ's working crew and his fans were angry with Chen, but JJ chose to forgive his attacker and urged everyone not to criticise him anymore.

Like the theme of his new album, JJ hopes that love will melt all hatred.

JJ's attacker was not remorseful of his actions and explained why he attacked the singer.

Chen wrote on his Facebook:

"One of the reasons why I beat you today is because you love to flirt with girls, and you love harassing girls. I hope this will teach you a lesson!"

Chen also criticised JJ for 'pretending to act innocent while singing lousy songs'.

Chen wrote: "She doesn't even like you! Do not lie to yourself and your fans anymore!"

At his Taipei concert in August 2013, JJ made a love declaration to Hebe on stage.

Taiwanese media reported that Chen was hungry for fame and hoped to raise his profile through the incident. After his arrest, he told the police officer: “Why is JJ able to get famous, and not me? My songs are better than his."

Chen even posted on his Facebook a 11-second video clip of his attack on JJ and remarked proudly:

"I think that it's worth it."

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