Here's what casino tycoon was spotted doing with pregnant model mistress Mandy Lieu in S'pore

7 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Model Mandy Lieu’s (劉碧麗) extramarital affair with casino tycoon Alvin Chau (周焯華) is becoming more complicated by the day. Although Alvin is married to Yan Oi Tong executive Heidi Chan (陳慧玲), he continues to visit Mandy in Singapore. In December, it was discovered that both Mandy and Heidi were four months pregnant. Rumors claim that Heidi is carrying twins, while Mandy is carrying a baby girl.

According to a report in Jayne Stars, Mandy’s manager confirmed the model’s pregnancy last week and stressed that Mandy has already left Hong Kong to rest overseas. Though it appeared on the surface that Alvin had chosen to end his relationship with Mandy—opting to spend more time with his wife—reporters who have followed Alvin’s family to Thailand observed that Alvin and Mandy’s relationship is not over yet.

Heidi Gives Alvin Cold Treatment

On the other hand, Alvin and Heidi are encountering some relationship problems, giving each other the cold treatment. Heidi showed off her “official wife” status by preventing Alvin from seeing Mandy during the Christmas holidays. A source close to the Chau family said Heidi invited the entire family and a few close friends to a week-long trip in Thailand during the Christmas holidays. The trip was also an opportunity for the family to celebrate the birthday of Alvin’s father, whom Alvin respects very much.

The family left on December 24, Christmas’ Eve. They went to Pattaya and stayed at the five-star hotel Royal Wing Suites & Spa. Heidi and her family stayed in a suite for $16,200 HKD a night.

Heidi and her family thoroughly documented their trip with photos and uploaded them on Facebook. One photo was a selfie of Alvin and Heidi, but reporters who were following the Chau family said the couple rarely interacted unless necessary. Heidi was seen spending more time with her daughter and her father-in-law, while Alvin spent more time with his son and friends. Heidi and Alvin also boarded different minivans when going to a restaurant for dinner.

Alvin Visits Mandy in Singapore

Heidi managed to keep Alvin for a few days, but on December 29, reporters spotted Alvin leaving for Singapore without his family. It was said that Alvin left to visit Mandy, who is staying in Singapore.

Heidi and her family returned to Macau from Thailand on December 30.

Alvin Chau’s Past Relationships Revealed

Alvin’s colorful dating past involved numerous Hong Kong celebrities. Alvin had dated actress Ellen Chan (陳雅倫) in 2009. Because of Alvin, it was said that Ellen broke up with casino CEO Mark Brown.

A source close to Ellen said that Alvin started to pursue Ellen when she was struggling with her long-distance relationship with Mark Brown, who left Hong Kong for work in the United States.

Alvin and Ellen’s relationship ended half a year later. Alvin had kept it a secret that he was already engaged to Heidi and had children. Ellen was heartbroken when she heard the news and broke up with him. When she was later asked about her relationship with Alvin, Ellen said they were “just friends”.

Alvin was also rumored to have dated 34-year-old Hong Kong singer Mango Wong (王秀琳) as well as ATV actress Michelle Feng (馮雪冰) in the last few years. Both artistes received lavish gifts from Alvin. He has also been linked with models Kibby Lau (劉俐) and DaDa Chan (陳靜).

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