Here's what Andie Chen is doing after returning to Singapore

11 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

By Sara Ann K
ST Communities 
Friday, Jan 9, 2015

Actor Andie Chen, 29, is back in Singapore and has revealed that he may soon return to the MediaCorp stable, as may his Singapore-based Taiwanese actress wife, Kate Pang.

"My work is already booked till September, and I want to settle my family in Singapore," the proud new father of six-month-old baby boy, Aden, said of his return from Taiwan.

He had left the TV station in 2013 to establish himself in Taiwan whilst still a bachelor, and returned to wed his then-pregnant partner, Pang, in a wedding that took many by surprise later that year in November.

The celebrity couple who constantly share photos of their son on their social media platforms have also recently launched Kandie Network, a YouTube channel which showcases videos which they are hoping to shape into an interactive channel for young parents.

On the channel, they even have shared very private videos of Pang's home birth. Chen, a Film Studies major, shared:

"I have been playing with the idea of production for a while now. When people started asking us about our home birth experience, I thought: Why not share our journey of parenthood?

"Kate and I have always chose to live life as basic and simple as possible. When we researched on home birth, we realised that it's very close to our lifestyle choices and believed it was the best option for both mother and baby. And of course, the wife has the final say."

While Chen said that the experience was great, and does encourage more people to venture into braving the home birth option, he cautions that it is not for everyone.

"My wife's labour went on for 24 hours, and the last six hours, were intense. Kate has a very high tolerance for pain, but even I could tell that the last two hours were way beyond her threshold."

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