Here's the real reason why Brazil's latest human 'Ken Doll' went under the knife

19 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Mauricio Galdi is earning fame just days after another young man who called himself a Human Ken Doll, Celso Santebanes, died from leukemia.

According to AsianTown via The Daily Mail, the 27-year-old Brazilian claims that he never gave himself the catchy title, but has no objections to capitalizing on it.

The report states that Galdienvied girls in school and but never played with dolls because of fear of prejudice.

Then after realizing that he wasn't 'beautiful' at age 17, the Brazilian started getting plastic surgery. He went under the knife, starting with a nose job and eventually having injections of polymethylmethacrylate, a filler.

The son of a film distributor and a housewife from a middle-class neighborhood of Brazil's capital Sao Paulo, Mauricio said he envied girls growing up because it was socially acceptable for them to play with Barbie and Ken.

He said: "I saw them playing with dolls and I wanted to do the same, but I never did for fear of prejudice."

Though he may have grown out of his desire to play with dolls as a young adult, he never lost his fascination with their flawless features.

His resemblance to Barbie's boyfriend has become more uncanny as he has undergone a total of eight procedures, though Mauricio claims it was the media who first called him a Human Ken Doll.

"It was something that came to me, television sought to give me the title," he said.

But the new "Ken Doll" is not shying away form the fame and has even been sharing links to articles written about him with his 21,000 Instagram followers.

Browse through the photos of him in the gallery below.  

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