Here's the inside scoop on why Ekin Cheng and Gigi Leung broke up

8 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Hong Kong actor Ekin Cheng, 46, may have just gotten married, but that has not stopped the media spotlight from focusing on two of his ex-girlfriends, actress Maggie Shiu and singer Gigi Leung.AsiaOne reported that Cheng was together with each of the women for 7 years.His recent wedding has once again triggered speculation on what caused the demise of these two relationships.Leung has long been perceived to be the third party in his relationship with Shiu, while Cheng and Leung's relationship was rumoured to have ended due to his unwillingness to settle down.However according to latest reports, Leung was unhappy that Cheng still continued to pay for Shiu's living expenses in the course of their relationship.According to, a guilt-ridden Cheng continued to support Shiu financially, and had even transferred an apartment worth about HK$1 trillion (S$1.6 million) to her name.Although the amount he transerred regularly to Shiu was "not a lot" according to sources, Leung could not understand why he had to do so and this caused a rift in their relationship.Cheng is widely-praised to be a "dutiful boyfriend", but it is also his biggest flaw, added the report.The report also claimed that friends of Cheng had predicted that his relationship with Leung would not last because of their different lifestyles."Cheng would want to smoke in the house but Leung wouldn't allow it," was one example that a source close to the former couple revealed.View more photos of Ekin Cheng in the gallery below, including those of his wedding with Yoyo Mung.

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