How lap dancer reacted when male customer made her a lewd offer

2 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago


A lap dancer has revealed she has been offered large sums of money in return for sex.

Cintia Silva, a model who danced in Spearmint Rhino clubs in London and Birmingham, said she has been offered five-figure sums to sleep with businessmen and footballers. However, despite the advances of many wealthy men, the 31-year-old says she'd never consider prostitution. 

She's danced for Russell Brand and Owen Wilson in the past, and the mum-of-one counts many other high profile stars as her customers.

Cintia, who can earn up to £14,000 (S$21,481) in one night, says her job is all about getting as much money as possible out of punters.

“In the clubs, it is a cold war – their desire for sex against my desire for power. The girls will always be the winners. I like men. They are more fragile and easier to manipulate than children.”

The benefits of taking your clothes off for money are there for all to see, as Cintia can now afford to live in an upmarket area of Warwickshire, own a Maserati, a BMW and a Porsche, as well as a string of apartments in her native Brazil. She's also released a book, entitled Full Brazilian, detailing her experiences as a lap dancer and elements of her personal life.

Speaking to Birmingham Mail, Cintia told of how she put a Formula 1 driver firmly in his place.

“The dark side of this is when people have money and power, and they think they can buy people. They can be rude.

“One businessman paid £500 (S$767) for a dance and then became angry because I would not stay with him. I pointed out that outside of the club, I would never even talk to him.

“Both the racing driver and footballer were firmly put in their place. The racing driver paid £600 (S$920) for a dance then asked for a more intimate session.

"He said, ‘Do you know who I am?’ But no-one cares who you are in the club.”

She also spoke of how sometimes, punters can take it way too far.

“In New York, a broker offered me £10,000 (S$15,343) for the night. Another guy became totally obsessed. He was begging to take me to the Bahamas and gave me two Gucci dresses. I had to tell him to stop stalking me!”

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