Karena Ng's response gave when asked about Raymond Lam's lips

12 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

Source: Asian E- News Portal

Artiste, Karena Ng attended the fashion event and was given a lipstick with a crafted image of Raymond Lam's lips by the senior management of the fashion company.

When it was pointed that the lip image was related to her close ones, Karena replied that it resembled the lips of her boss, Raymond Wong and invited laughters immediately.

Asked if she knew the surprise beforehand, Karena said:  "I see the script beforehand and there was not much resemblance, as it was a crafted image but could see it was a male lips.

(Give it to Raymond Lam?) He does not use lipstick at all. (Apply it by yourself everyday?) Nope and will keep it as an ornament."

Karena disclosed she was currently filming new movie, Ip Man 3 in Shanghai and specially took a midnight flight to attend the event in Hong Kong, but will returning to Shanghai at night:

"Shanghai is freezing and similar to winter season in Hong Kong. I am down with cold due to insufficient clothes.

(Did Raymond visit you?) He is in Hengdian and it will take at least 6 to 7 hours to travel and visit me.

(How long you will be staying there?) I need to film another series and stay around 3 to 4 months."

When mentioned there will be many actions scenes in the movie, Karena replied she will be beaten up: "I will be hit most of the time and quite frightened.

(Beaten up?) I act as a villain with martial arts and it is very frightening and their blows are very powerful. Patrick Tam will be slapping me in the movie.

(Raymond felt heart pain?) I am currently filming gentle scenes but action scenes after that."

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