Here are ten things K-Pop fans are tired of hearing

10 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

After a certain amount of time, most K-Pop fans start to recognize the repeated comments and statements from others that send them angrily to the keyboard to leave a reply message or just make them roll their eyes in agitated defeat.

Why do the same things come up over and over again anyway? Check out the list below that contains some of the most commonly made statements to K-Pop fans from those who just do not understand, reports All K-Pop.

"He looks like a girl."

"They don't even know you exist."

"They all look the same."

"Was this plagiarized?"

"S/he is the Korean version of ________."

"Did they get plastic surgery?"

"Do you even understand what they're saying?"

"Are these people Chinese? Japanese?"

"Op-op-op oppa gang-nam style! / oppa condom style," and other mispronunciations."

"What a wannabe Justin Bieber / One Direction / (insert Western artist here)."

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