Henry Cheung demands HK$20m from his brother Dicky Cheung

13 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Dicky Cheung's brother Henry Cheung held a press conference demanding HK$20 million commission from Dicky. Henry had been Dicky's manager for 13 years, he showed the awards and TV series associated with Dicky over the past many years at the press conference. Mingpao and Oriental Daily reported that Henry read off his pre-written statement, highlighting three points. First, he asked everyone to stop addressing him as "Dicky Cheung's little brother" or "little brother". Second, he claimed that he's forced to announce the truth since he had not been able to reach his brother, he had no other choice but to make a rational decision and publicly demand to get the commission he deserves. Third, he does not currently have plans to take legal action against Dicky for defaming him. He hopes Dicky will give him the commission he deserves within a week and allow him to see his mother. The commission amounts to approximately HK$20 million.Henry frankly expressed Dicky gives him HK$30,000 living expenses on a monthly basis, but he sighs his lowest risk investment can get him the same payback and that HK$30,000 is considered a "beggar's price". Living under Dicky's name, he directly stated he does not fear Dicky would take the house he's currently living in back after giving him the commission, because he has the ability to make his own arrangements. If Dicky does not respond, will Henry take legal action? He said emotionally: "I hope I don't have to get such a critical point and file a lawsuit against him."Henry suffers from clinical depression, he expressed he accidentally discovered that his mother stopped paying for his medical expenses, so he stopped seeing his doctor (good friend Stephen) for about 9 months. When asked if he had seen his mother? "One time my mother met with me without telling Dicky. When we met that time, my mother said to me that my brother said I would chop people up, so my mother was so scared. I called her back in December, but couldn't reach her!"Last night, Dicky and his mother issued a statement through their lawyer. The statement had a total of four points. First, Henry's recent accusations towards Dicky are not true. Second, Mother Cheung stressed in the past many years, Dicky has treated his family with all his heart and been very filial. He does not owe his family anything. Third, everyone should carefully read the regulations highlighted in red and then will understand what the actual truth. Finally, they hope Henry will one day "know he's on the wrong road and turn back" and that when the family meets its "the prodigal son returns, to the right path".

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