Help! Fan Bingbing heard screaming while hanging upside down from balcony

20 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

The film SKIPTRACE was shot on location in Hong Kong. Two nights ago, Fan Bingbing personally performed a stunt in mid-air over Kowloon City, during which she almost slipped. Her scream echoed through the streets!

The location was an old building. Fan Bingbing had to climb from a second floor balcony onto a giant neon light sign outside.

The crew first shot Fan Bingbing's double doing the stunt. The double first got on and off the sign to test the marks, then shot a fall from the sign to the street. 

At around 8pm, Fan Bingbing personally performed the stunt. She was on safety ropes and had also taken all safety precautions, reports Hktopten.

At first, she sat dangerously on the balcony. Not only did she appear not to be afraid, but she also shot the streets with her phone. The crew helped her onto the sign.

She then followed instructions and performed a series of stunts, one of which invovled her hanging upside down off the sign. Of course, she had taken all precautions to prevent a wardrobe malfunction.

However, during the shoot she slipped. She was so scared that she screamed. The entire street heard her and the crew sweated bullets. Luckily, she was fine.

Fan Bingbing took over two hours to shoot this scene. Her double completed the dangerous stunts. Jackie Chan appeared at around 10pm.

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