Heidi Chan fires another shot at husband's lover Mandy Lieu after he cuts daughter's umbilical cord

13 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Source: JayneStars

Casino tycoon Alvin Chau‘s wife Heidi Chan and lover Mandy Lieu both gave birth to baby girls recently. Although Heidi appears to be outwardly calm over her husband’s affair, she has been making pointed remarks targeted at Mandy. From remarks such as “I’m the only Mrs. Chau”, Heidi challenged Mandy to take her “things” if she can.

In May, Mandy gave birth to a baby girl in London. Mandy was suspected to have tipped the media about the birth, in a move to provoke Heidi, who was still pregnant at the time.

Heidi gave birth via Cesarean section on May 30, coinciding with Alvin’s 41st birthday. Since giving birth, Heidi has shared the baby’s photos on social media, eager to flaunt her pampered status to Mandy, who was reportedly “banished” to England and forbidden to return to the Hong Kong/ Macau region for two years.

After consulting an esteemed geomancy expert, Alvin and Heidi named their daughter Damiana, hoping the baby will be a kind-hearted person. The baby has defined facial structure and closely resembles Alvin.

Alvin Chau Splurges on Hospital Expenses

Alvin splurged on the hospital preparations for Heidi. He reserved a VIP hospital room on the 37th floor, overlooking the lush hills and mountainous scenery. The room was also large enough to accommodate a living room, dining room, and guest room. The cost of the room is approximated to be about $20,000 HKD per night.

Alvin accompanied Heidi in the hospital overnight and personally cut the umbilical cord. Enamored with his daughter, Alvin was unwilling to put Damiana down.  Touched by her husband’s affections and concern, Heidi expressed, “My husband loves his family most. Money cannot buy true love!”

Heidi also expressed that when Damiana turns one month old, she will hire a photographer to take the baby’s photos.

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