Heavy Metal singer interrupts concert with F-bomb laden rant

5 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

The front man of heavy metal band Staind delivered an F-bomb laden rant to members of the crowd who were apparently molesting a female crowd-surfer at their concert last Saturday.

According to a report in The New Paper, Billboard reported that Aaron Lewis, who is a father of three daughters, interrupted his song “Something to remind you” when at a concert organized by Kansas City radio station, 98.9 The Rock when he saw a young female crowd surfer being molested by a few audience members.

“All right, listen up you f***ing ***holes, that f***ing girl right there is like 15 f***ing years old, and you f***ing pieces of shit are molesting her while she is on the f***ing crowd. Your f***ing mothers should be ashamed of themselves, you pieces of s***,” the 42-year-old had reportedly said.

After the long rant, he completed his song without further incident. 

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