The heartwarming reason why ex-actor Alan Tern is shaving his head for the first time since BMT

14 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Charlene Chua
The New Paper
May 14, 2015

Being an actor, Alan Tern had to keep his hair on to play various roles in his 12-year TV career. 

But since the 39-year-old quit acting two years ago, he is finally getting a chance to make a bald statement - for a good cause, of course.

In July, Tern will shave his head in public at VivoCity for Hair For Hope.

The event, which has been held for the past 12 years, seeks to raise donations for the Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF). His wife, local actress Priscelia Chan, told The New Paper that Tern was moved by personal experience.

She said:

"We have a friend whose five-year-old daughter was suffering from a rare form of eye cancer.

"As a mum, she struggled with emotional pain as she watched her daughter fight the disease.

"She also spent a lot on medical bills as she took her to the US for treatment. We felt for her and her struggles."

Sadly, the girl recently had a relapse.

Tern's wife added:

"Alan is doing this to raise awareness about the pain that children go through when they have cancer and the help that they need. I am very proud of him.

"We hope that people can help as much as they can, as many parents cannot afford the expensive treatments to try to cure their kids."

Tern, who runs his own eyewear business, has set a goal of $3,000. So far, he has garnered $900 in pledges on the CCF website.

Among the donors supporting him are fellow local actors Chew Chor Meng and Cavin Soh. Chew and Soh, donated $200 and $50 respectively.

Tern's wife donated $200 anonymously.

Tern told TNP:

"This is the first time I am shaving my head since my Basic Military Training (BMT) days.

"My wife teased me with, 'You sure you want to cut botak?' as she knows that the shape of my head is not that nice, it is quite flat at the back.

"I joked with her and told her to be prepared to go out with a BMT boy."

He is prepared to top up any shortfall to hit his target of $3,000.

Local celebrities who have shaved their head for Hair For Hope in the past are comedian Gurmit Singh and theater actress Karen Tan.

Those who have helped out at the events - without going botak - include actors Adrian Pang, Evelyn Tan, Darren Lim and Danny Yeo.

Record-setting: Banker raised over $100,000 ​A spokesman for CCF told TNP that a record was set in 2011, when a banker raised the highest amount of over $100,000 for Hair For Hope.

This year, the charity hopes to encourage 6,500 shavees and to raise $3.6 million in aid of children with cancer.

Interested participants who are willing to shave their heads or donate can register on the CCF website.

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