Chinese TV host dies after forgoing chemotherapy for baby's birth

15 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

A 26-year-old woman who chose not to undergo chemo after getting diagnosed with cancer while she was pregnant ended up giving birth to a healthy baby, but sadly passed away this past Wednesday in Zhengzhou.

Qiu Yuanyuan was born in 1988 in Shandong province. She followed her husband Zhang Qixuan to Zhengzhou to work as a TV host in 2010, according to CRI. "She was an ambitious and conscientious worker," said her workmate.

"Working 14 hours per day was normal for her and she never complained." Qiu discovered that she was pregnant in March, but in a heartbreaking turn of events, was diagnosed with advanced cancer during a pregnancy check-up in July.

Looking out for the health of her unborn child, she decided to give up chemo treatment, and consequently, the cancer cells began spreading quickly throughout her body. "She knew nothing could be perfect but she said she wouldn't regret what she had done."

Zhang said. In September, Qiu fell dangerously ill and had to be sent to a hospital for treatment. She underwent two surgeries; first, a C-section, and then another to remove the tumor.

After 20 days of treatment, doctors told Qiu's family that her cancer had spread past the point of control. She returned to Zhengzhou with her family. Qiu died on December 10 as her family was busy preparing a dinner to celebrate her son turning 100 days old.

Her husband was off reporting in another city, reports Shanghaiist. It was reported that Qiu's funeral was held yesterday morning at a Zhengzhou funeral home.

Thousands of web users took to online forums to express their respect for the young mother whose unconditional love likely saved the life of her child.

A user named 狼的传说 wrote: "...When my dearest mother died, I suddenly realized that the color of my world had changed. Life has no return. Love those dear to you with every minute and every second that you have. Life's fragile. Don't let it turn to black and white."

"...She's a goddess and great mother. R.I.P., user 高华伟 commented.

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