The heartbreaking reason why Eliza Sam is not looking forward to Christmas this year

21 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Eliza Sam was born in Canada and always looks forward to Christmas.

She will always choose to return to Canada to visit her family during the festive season to see the decorations together with ther loved ones, reported Asian E-News Portal.

She said:

"Canada has many bungalows and many beautiful Christmas decorations which make us feel happy.

"I cannot feel the same in Hong Kong and I always return during Christmas.

"But I cannot return to Canada this Christmas as I need to work"

Eliza's most memorable childhood memory was when she buys pine trees together withy her parents

She said:

"We choose it together as a family and there are many trees to pick.

"It is a hard choice and we will open the up pine tree once reaching home.

"The smell is lovely. It is harder to do it in Hong Kong due to limited space."

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Eliza Sam
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