Heartbreak alert: Former F4 member Ken Chu spotted holding hands with new GF

5 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

According to Chinese media, Ken Chu has a new romance!

Asian Pop News reported that Ken was recently caught holding hands with Chinese actress, Han Wen Wen in a shopping mall. The couple was spotted shopping together for furniture, and Ken even rested his hand on Wen Wen’s waist.

After returning to Ken’s apartment, paparazzi also spotted that Wen Wen had the keys to his home. The duo was suspected to be living together.

Wen Wen does not have any prominent series and she was once rumoured to be dating Chinese singer, Li Jian.

When asked on his relationship with Wen Wen, Ken did not deny and responded through his assistant, “Thank you for your concern.”

It looks like Ken has indirectly admitted his newfound romance!

Last year, Ken dated Chinese model, Jiang Xinyu, but the couple broke up within a year. This year, Ken also left an ambiguous post on his Weibo, “Let us confirm it this way.” His post was suspected to be hinting at a new relationship at that time.

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